About Us

Our company brings together exceptional facility management, Hospitality management and Consultancy services that reflect our passion for innovation. We create experiences that leave lasting impressions. We strive for exceptionally high standards in all the products and services we offer & we’ve built an admired reputation because of it.

Company History

At EL & L Services, we provide rigorous development and growth opportunities to our highly treasured assets, our people which are backed up by cutting-edge technology and strong values. This not only strengthens their professional foundation but also helps EL & L Services deliver unmatched quality service to our clients and builds a better working environment.

Quality, Safety and Professionalism

Since the inception, EL & L Services has been single minded focused on quality, safety and professionalism. All member companies and divisions conform to the highest standards of industry practice and are actively certified to ISO (Quality, Health & Safety and Environment) accredited certification aiming Business Excellence Model and Total Quality Integrated systems. EL & L Services is also committed to environmental protection and ensures that projects adhere to the very best environmental practices.

Our Vision

A strong and stable leadership team, ambitious yet calculated decision-making and ground-breaking ideas all contribute to the creation of great companies. Of course, these have played a major part in our development, but we believe our business
ethics are the foundation on which our success has been built. Caring for our employees and stakeholders, as well as the environment and the communities we serve, have played a huge part in our past and will continue to shape our future.

Our Mission

To be the industry’s preferred partner of choice, through provision of unmatched services, ensuring to safeguard people’s safety and build trusted relationships that are based on mutual principles.

Our Values

Nurturing – We create additional value in the customers relationship by ensuring  they have a long-lasting experience with our product and services.
Openness – Engaging with transparency & openness, being reliable & accountable for our commitments.
Visionary – We see the potential & the possibilities of making tomorrow a better place.
Integrity – We act with integrity & an internal code of honor by always doing the right thing.
Service – To stand, determined and deliver what our customers desire with a high standard of workmanship & professionalism.

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